Hollow Earth Expedition - The Sumerian Stone


The crew met up with a local contact who took them out to the Nazi dig site outside Cairo. The ride out went perfect and the crew wound up being escorted into the site and right up to the tent of the head scientist. Their contact went in to the tent to discuss matters while the crew milled around the camp for a while.

After a few minutes, the crew decided they wanted to explore the rest of the site. One of them found a journal written by one of the archaeologists and stole it from the tent. Additionally, they were able to locate the actual excavation and ventured down into it. When they arrived in the dig, they were able to determine that they were in a tomb of a priest of Ra, the Sun God, who had a magical necklace.

Arriving at the door to the burial chamber, the crew came across a Nazi scientist who was busy examining the seal on the door. One of the crew members, who speaks German, was able to get into an argument over what to do next and they both left to talk to the dig coordinator leaving behind two of the crew down in the tomb.

Up top, they were able to knock out the scientist and hide his limp body. However, in doing so, they also saw the limp body of their contact being dragged away from the main tent and Nazi guards scrambling around.

At this point, the crew decided it was time to get out of the camp as soon as possible. One of them decided to run around and set some distractions off throughout camp while the other ran back into the dig site to tell the two members down below what was going on. Hurriedly, they were able to get into the burial chamber, get the necklace, and get out. The camp was in total chaos as they reached the top of the ladder with fires burning everywhere. A hasty escape in a truck saw our party get free of the Nazi dig site.

On the road back to Cairo, the crew came across a Nazi tank making its way to the camp. Pulling off the road and pretending to be a broken down truck, the crew were able to approach the tank and kill the tank crew. Or so they thought. One of the party members decided to quickly get into the tank to stop it from moving forward. In doing so, however, one of the tank crew members was still barely alive and was able to shoot him in the back, badly wounding our hero. A hand grenade thrown into the tank was able to finish off that final Nazi.

Escaping back to Cairo, and getting some much needed medical care, the crew was off to the airport to get out of the city quickly. They bought an airplane and flew to a nearby city where they were able to book passage through a local airport worked on a plane. Once they were airborne and off to safety, however, they realized they were not going east toward Kathmandu. When they began around on the plane, they realized they were, in fact, heading to Berlin!

Sending the plane into total chaos, the party fought with the pilots (and passengers!) to gain control of the aircraft just before it crashed into the Sea. Now, with the party flying desperately toward Turkey to escape the Nazi’s, the party must determine how to get to Kathmandu, find more information about the stone they found at the dig site in Cairo, and find out how to meet their contact to find the first (or second?) piece of the Sumerian Stone……

Our adventure begins....

When the players arrived at the Royal Geographic Society in London, they were surprised to find people other than themselves there. As they listened to a description of a relic once thought long lost, the Sumerian Stone, the Society told them that the relic was indeed real and that they were to be tasked with retrieving the three pieces of the Stone before it fell into the wrong hands. The first piece of the Stone, the only one the Society knows the location of, is in Kathmandu.

The players were told there would be a ship waiting for them in the port in London that would take them to India to meet with a Society contact. Upon arriving at the port, the party was ambushed by who they presume to be Nazi goons. A fighting retreat onto the merchant ship and the players were able to escape without any serious harm being done.

The voyage around the southern tip of Africa was uneventful. However, upon arriving to the east of Madagascar, the ship was attacked and boarded by pirates. The pirates were able to fight their way into the ship, murder the captain in his quarters, and attempted to steal the journal being kept by the reporter. All of the pirates were killed on board, however they were able to place explosives on the inside of the hull and blew a hole in the ship. Quick thinking by the scientist was able to direct the ship toward the coast of Madagascar before it sunk, making it only a short row in the lifeboats to shore.

Once ashore in Madagascar, the players left the survivors on the shore to trek inland in search of a town they can find help at. Along the way through the jungle, the players come across some ancient ruins and decided to investigate them. The ruins were covered by the jungle and it was determined to make a cursory screen of them before continuing on foot to find the village.

Once they arrived at the village, the players were able to rest and send help to the crew still out on the coast. Some talking with the locals in the town revealed a bus would be there the next morning and would be able to take them to a larger town where they could arrange transportation off of Madagascar. Before they left, however, they were able to get a good estimate on their map of where the pirate base was.

When they arrived in the next town, the players were able to purchase a flight from Madagascar to Cairo, Egypt. Upon arrival in Cairo, the players learned a flight directly to Kathmandu would be leaving in three days and decided to spend some time looking around Cairo. While doing so, they all learned of the presence of Nazi SS soldiers and that the Nazi’s were in the desert not far away digging for some ancient relic. The players decided to investigate and see if it may be one of the lost pieces of the Sumerian Stone……

A letter from the Royal Geographic Society

It has come to our attention that a certain artifact that once was believed to be mythical may, in fact, be real. Your presence at the London offices of the Royal Geographic Society is requested. Please be at our office on Friday at 4:00 P.M. London time. More details will be provided upon your arrival. Bring only yourself and your equipment, the Society will provide other material as needed.

Sir Lloyd Gregory
Royal Geographic Society
Knightsbridge, London, England

P.S. Please take every precaution to ensure you are not followed and that no one knows of your journey

The World of Hollow Earth


Explore one of the world’s greatest and most dangerous secrets: the Hollow Earth, a savage land filled with dinosaurs, lost civilizations, and ferocious savages! Players take on the roles of two-fisted adventurers, eager academics and intrepid journalists investigating the mysteries of the Hollow Earth.

Meanwhile, on the surface, world powers and secret societies vie for control of what may be the most important discovery in all of human history.

The year is 1935 and the world is in a period of relative quiet after the Great War. The Nazi party has risen to power in Germany, the United States is struggling through a Great Depression, Great Britain is trying to find their new role in the world.

You are adventurers, explorers, and mercenaries. You travel the world trying to discover new archaeological relics, explore ruins and lost cities, and search for adventure. Your travels have brought you to see things that no man has seen in over 1,000 years. You have heard stories of relics lost to the ages, some containing mystical power that should not exist.

Now you find yourself in possession of a letter with a seal from the Royal Geographic Society in London, England………..


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