Hollow Earth Expedition - The Sumerian Stone

Our adventure begins....

When the players arrived at the Royal Geographic Society in London, they were surprised to find people other than themselves there. As they listened to a description of a relic once thought long lost, the Sumerian Stone, the Society told them that the relic was indeed real and that they were to be tasked with retrieving the three pieces of the Stone before it fell into the wrong hands. The first piece of the Stone, the only one the Society knows the location of, is in Kathmandu.

The players were told there would be a ship waiting for them in the port in London that would take them to India to meet with a Society contact. Upon arriving at the port, the party was ambushed by who they presume to be Nazi goons. A fighting retreat onto the merchant ship and the players were able to escape without any serious harm being done.

The voyage around the southern tip of Africa was uneventful. However, upon arriving to the east of Madagascar, the ship was attacked and boarded by pirates. The pirates were able to fight their way into the ship, murder the captain in his quarters, and attempted to steal the journal being kept by the reporter. All of the pirates were killed on board, however they were able to place explosives on the inside of the hull and blew a hole in the ship. Quick thinking by the scientist was able to direct the ship toward the coast of Madagascar before it sunk, making it only a short row in the lifeboats to shore.

Once ashore in Madagascar, the players left the survivors on the shore to trek inland in search of a town they can find help at. Along the way through the jungle, the players come across some ancient ruins and decided to investigate them. The ruins were covered by the jungle and it was determined to make a cursory screen of them before continuing on foot to find the village.

Once they arrived at the village, the players were able to rest and send help to the crew still out on the coast. Some talking with the locals in the town revealed a bus would be there the next morning and would be able to take them to a larger town where they could arrange transportation off of Madagascar. Before they left, however, they were able to get a good estimate on their map of where the pirate base was.

When they arrived in the next town, the players were able to purchase a flight from Madagascar to Cairo, Egypt. Upon arrival in Cairo, the players learned a flight directly to Kathmandu would be leaving in three days and decided to spend some time looking around Cairo. While doing so, they all learned of the presence of Nazi SS soldiers and that the Nazi’s were in the desert not far away digging for some ancient relic. The players decided to investigate and see if it may be one of the lost pieces of the Sumerian Stone……


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